In Fall 2019, I taught a capstone class at Miami University. I had 20 students in my class from all majors, backgrounds, and countries. Each student brought a unique perspective and passionate skill-set. We had a start-up client, so I encouraged them to keep their hands up and ride this rollercoaster with me. I told them that we would work better if we know each other. After all, the number one factor of a successful team is philological safety – I wanted them to feel safe to speak up, take risks, share ideas, and fail – all together. By the end of the semester, the quietest student in class emailed me. He asked to be the person who ends the presentation with an inspiring quote and thank you message. The quote and words he shared about his expereince in our class brought tears to everyone in the room; the quote was genuine to the culture we built and embraced as a team:  

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”  
– Michael Jordan 

What is Leadercast Live?  

For the fourth year in a row, Wayne County and Eastern Indiana Leadercast Committee is a proud host site for Leadercast Live on Friday, May 10, 2019. Leadercast is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. This event is broadcast live from Atlanta to hundreds of host sites around the world! The theme for Leadercast Live will help you master the art and science of developing and leading healthy teams. Learn more about registration details here. 

The best leaders know that successful teams are built with focus, care, attention and development that is directed to its members. Healthy teams will yield:  

  • Effective collaboration 
  • Fulfilled employees  
  • High organizational engagement  
  • Greater long-term success  

This year, there is an incredible line-up of speakers, including: 

  • Gayle King, Co-host CBS This Morning and Editor at Large, O, The Oprah Magazine 
  • Patrick Lencioni, Bestselling author, founder, The Table Group  
  • Dr. Caroline Leaf, Communication Pathologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist 
  • Tripp Crosby, Host 
  • Marcus Samuelsson, Award-Winning Chef, Restauranteur, Author and TV Personality 
  • Juliet Funt, CEO, WhiteSpace at Work 
  • Andy Stanley, Leadership Communicator, Author and Pastor 
  • Ginger Hardage, Founder, Unstoppable Cultures 
  • Craig Springer, Executive Director, Alpha USA 
  • Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley 

Click here to read more and learn about the speakers at Leadercast Live!  

Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Leadercast  

         1.) Become a better leader for your team. Leadership doesn’t come with a job title or a pay raise. You can be a leader in your professional or personal life without a fancy title or giant salary. By joining us at Leadercast Live, you will hear meanginful presentations, join powerful conversations, and reflect within. Each year, we receive positive feedback about how quickly attendees leave and implement new ideas and make changes based on lessons learned.  

          2.) Gain new friendships and relationships with other local leaders. If you surround yourself with positive-likeminded people, you will become a better person simply based on your environment of positive love and support. This event will bring together leaders from all ages, backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. When you sit back and look at the room, you will feel inspired and connected to many people who are striving to become the best version of themselves. You will likely walk away with a new friend, mentor, or business partner to help you personally, professionally, or in both areas of life! In my life, I’ve learned that nothing great is ever done alone. Give yourself this day to meet people who could change the trajectory of your life.  

           3.) Invest in yourself.  If you have a stressful or busy job, spending the day away from the office seems daunting. Who will answer the questions? Who will help the team? Who will keep the doors open? Who will make sure payroll is processed? Who will make sure that email campaign goes out or that important contract gets signed? Listen, there are endless excuses to stay inside your office. But I promise giving yourself this day is important. Giving yourself time to meet other local leaders is incredibly powerful. 

            4.) Leave a better person. Last year, I had an emotional morning leading up to the Leadercast event. I dreaded walking in and networking with everyone. I found a seat in the very last row. I didn’t want to see anyone I knew and I certainly didn’t want to explain why I was crying. To my surprise, the morning started off with Lauralee asking who had a bad morning. A few hands went up – but not mine, I wasn’t about to say why I cried the entire drive over. Tina Conti was selected to come down, and shared that she was recently in a car accident that caused a lot of damage to her car.

Lauralee encouraged on the count of 3 to cheer her on – yelling positive chants or simply clapping hard for her. The entire experience brought Tina to tears. I found myself crying tears of appreciation – and pride in myself for showing up. Before long, I was crying tears of joy because Tripp was incredible and hilarious. You may recognize him from my all-time favorite YouTube video, “Conference Call in Real Life.” No matter your mood on Friday, May 10th – I can promise that you’ll have a great time. You might cry. You might laugh. But I can promise you one thing for certain – you will leave a better person.  

           5.) Uncover tips for building a healthier team. The theme of Leadercast this year is around building healthier teams. All of the content, stories, breakout activities, and self-reflection time is focused on helping you win your championship with a solid team. 

Registration is now open for Leadercast Live! This year, the event is at Lingle Hall in Reid Hospital from 8 am to 3:30 pm on Friday, May 10, 2019. The cost is $79.00 to attend, which includes access to coffee, lunch, and the ability to win prizes throughout the day! Register today before the event sells out! 

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