Our Story

Stratavize is dedicated to helping the world’s mid-size organizations reimagine and reinvent themselves to outperform their competitors.

Our Why

We know the old saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” but we truly believe it and live it. Our consulting firm in Richmond and team of consultants genuinely love helping clients solve some of their toughest challenges. We L-O-V-E tackling businesses that need to reimagine how they will compete in the future. We enjoy getting in the trenches with our clients to take on tough problems like improving culture, enhancing the customer experience or redesigning process.

Our team is passionate about personal and professional development, this is why we made Capacity and Resource Building core to our business model. We believe everyone can become a stronger leader, just as important, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Building capabilities within our client’s own team is how to create sustainable organizations.

What We Do

Stratavize is a global organization development consulting firm that specializes in strategy, organization design, process improvement, customer experience, team dynamics and leadership development. It’s our passion to help mid-size organizations reimagine how they operate, gain clarity, and implement complex strategies.

Learn more about how we do what we do on Our Approach page.

Our Specialty

We do our best work with clients that are seeking a partner in these areas:
Vision & Strategy
Strategy Activation

Culture Transformation

Experience Redesign
Capacity Building

Our Founder

Lauralee Hites is the founder of Stratavize Consulting. Lauralee, as she likes to say, grew up in Corporate America working with some of the best companies on earth like, Wells Fargo, Accenture and Microsoft. She is a successful speaker, dynamic facilitator, and organization consultant.

She is among a small number of people in the world that obsess (in a totally healthy way) about everything business. By that we mean she studies and writes about business operation models, competition, the future of business, the human side of business and more. When she is not onsite with a client, speaking at an event, she likely has her nose in a book about… you got it… Business! Have a book recommendation? Connect with her on LinkedIn make a recommendation!

Lauralee Hites

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