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Would you put your 14-year old son, into the driver’s seat of the family station wagon, where until now he has only been a passenger, give him a thumbs up while telling him to drive the store for bread? No, right?

Then why do so many industry ‘experts’ put their customers into the driver’s seat?

Too many of us do not embrace being the expert. It is almost like we are scared to give our customers the advice they seek.

This how it plays out in real life…..

Last year I was interviewing different CPAs. I met with one, she appeared to be very professional and had many years of experience. She asked me for the background of the company, how it is set up, and previous years’ taxes. Then she begins like…

Accountant: “Do you want to do X or Y?”
Me: “What do you advise?”
Accountant: “It’s really up to you.”
Me: “Can you explain the pros and cons of each option?”
The accountant said many things. It all sounded like foreign words to me. Then she asked again, “Do you want to do X or Y?”
Me: “If this was your company, what would you do?”
Accountant: “Y.”
Me: “Why didn’t you say that in the beginning? You could have explained both options but, made your recommendation. Why didn’t you?”
Accountant: — blank stare –
Me: “I’m not an accountant. I am not the expert here. You are, right?”

I did not select this accountant.

This same scenario has happened countless times. The electrician gave me 500 options (or what felt like 500) but, zero advice as to which one to choose.

The roofer asked me the “type of shingle” we would like. I thought to myself, how many types are there?

I’ve been supporting my mother with some health-related treatment. We have been to many different appointments with various doctors that are responsible for this or that. In one appointment, they start giving different options but, no advice or explanation of the options. Sitting there, I had to wonder if even doctors are afraid to advise.

I am not an accountant, carpenter, electrician, or a doctor. I am not the expert in those fields.

Embrace Being The Expert

Customers, clients, and patients seek advice from experts. Of course, most people want options. They want to know what is available to them and have a say in the choice. However, they do not have the knowledge the expert does. Therefore, they cannot take all factors into consideration. YOU are the expert of whatever it is that YOU do. You have the knowledge and experience. Embrace being the expert.
Generally, customers or clients, trust you to give good advice. They trust you to know the answers.

Have you ever experienced “the expert” that doesn’t give you options or advise? Share your story!

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