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 It’s true, visual learners do love a whiteboard.  I’ve witnessed CEOs of a Fortune 500 companies grab a marker and take off for the whiteboard to share an idea. However,  communicating visually is not just for visual learners.  

Simply put, we believe if your ideas can’t be drawn and understood easily, they can’t be done. After years of working with clients, we’ve determined there are 5 solid reasons why you should ditch the Power Point decks and grab a marker and whiteboard. 

REASON 1:  The act of drawing out ideas using visuals trigger a different part of your brain

Did you know study after study has been done to prove you remember more of what you see than what you hear?

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When you want your team to remember important information, use visuals. This could be as simple as incorporating more icons into communications, using fewer words and more images to convey meaning.

The science supports what we see visually, stays with us longer, so ditch the words and add images.

When our clients start to draw they activate different parts of their brain, which helps them share ideas creatively,  tell a more detailed story and spark innovation.

REASON 2:   Employees will process information faster

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We live in a visual world, just walk down Times Square, look at your cell phone or check out the number of views YouTube receives every minute.  

Your brain processes visual images 60,000 times FASTER than text alone.  Icons, graphics, images are all examples of visual representation of information, enabling employees to process and remember the information faster.

REASON 3:  Brings clarity to ideas

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By leveraging “whiteboard” sessions to throw ideas out using visual, leaders will see their ideas are better linked, but you can start to see the idea unfold and become more clear.  The visual and spatial parts of our brains become stimulated by colors, shapes, and images.

Simply put your brain is working through the visual images to bring more clarity to the concept enabling the team to see how it connects to others. You are then better able to understand where it should be categorized and organized.

REASON 4: Visuals help tell the story

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Visual storytelling is how marketers are winning today.  When your working with your team, helping take down change barriers and increase innovation start with a story using visuals.  You do not need a PowerPoint with a bunch of words, one image and you speaking can be more powerful.  These images will help you connect with your team or audience.  

REASON 5:  Vision alignment creates action!

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 We find the biggest roadblock to executing against a strategy is a misalignment of the team’s understanding of the current challenges and how to move forward.  

When we work with clients, we first work on alignment from the vision to the challenges to execution.  Using visuals help teams align on the priorities and start to take action!

Is your team stuck?  We get teams unstuck!  

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