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Creativity Is A Muscle, You’ve Got To Work It

Creativity is a muscle and like any muscle, we have to work it to make it stronger.

Last week I was talking to my son in college and over the course of the conversation he went on a mini-rant about how he has not had an opportunity to interact with his professors face to face, he hasn’t had time to read a good book and he isn’t able to spend time just thinking. As a result, he could feel himself getting “dumber” and “less creative”.

I’m not sure I’m sold on his rationale, “I haven’t had the TIME to read a good book”. Given, his classes are now online and the restaurant he worked for laid him off. My guess is, he has plenty of time but, isn’t motivated to read. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. He inspired another thought, and that’s creativity is a muscle and we have to work it.

Have you ever felt like your creativity was slipping away?

I have! Our creative thoughts solve some of our toughest challenges. It’s our way to find solutions to problems and create alternatives solutions when the first idea doesn’t work. The more we activate our brain to be creative, innovative and inspirational the MORE it becomes creative, innovative and inspirational.

You and I, we do not lack creativity. Actually, is the opposite! As humans, we are very creative! We solve problems every single day, hundreds if not, thousands of times a day. However, like a muscle, we can weaken our brain’s ability to generate new creative thoughts by not exercising our creative power.

Creativity Is A Muscle! Work It!

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Creative Side

  1. Doodle – Yes. Drawing out thoughts do help generate creativity. The act of putting pen to paper stimulates your brain. Doodle as much as possible.
  2. Write down 10 ideas a day – This one I picked up from James Altucher and I just loved it. James is committed to strengthening his creative side by randomly generating 10 ideas every day writing them down on a waiter’s pad. What can you write 10 ideas about? 10 blogs to write, ways to improve your child’s school communication or ways to reduce plastic use. You can literally generate 10 ideas about anything!
  3. Use questions, not statements – Generate a list of back pocket questions to get your creative juices flowing. Ask questions like; What’s my blindside on this? What haven’t I considered? What are 3 other ways of doing this?
  4. Draw it out – You don’t have to be an artist to draw out a process, product or problem. Mapping it visually will spark your creativity.
  5. Mental models – Build mental models of your day, projects, or experiences. Use mental models to explore other ways of completing a task.

Drop me a line on ways you kick up the creativity!

Looking for a brainstorming partner? I’m in!

About the Author: Lauralee Hites

After nearly 20 years in corporate America, I decided to serve the world in a new way. Today, I operate a boutique consulting firm that specializes in Strategy and Management Consulting. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Lauralee Hites
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Lauralee Hites

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