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We partner with you to reimagine your organization, community, city or town.

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Development Services

We facilitate an experience to help you design a clear vision and plan for the future.

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You Deserve Collaborative Solutions

We first work with you to look for areas where simple changes can have a significant impact. Have us in for a week-long retreat to spark the imagination, partner with us for a quick-hit high-impact project or engage with us for a few years. We are here to create custom solutions that meet your team’s objectives.

Take a look at custom solutions created

for organizations just like yours…

Fayette Community Foundation

Monthly Marketing Services to Improve Community and Donor Relations

United Way

Monthly Marketing Services to Improve Community and Donor Relations

Reimagine Strategy

We turn business challenges into business breakthroughs. Ready to find achievable solutions?

New strategy and alignment in execution
Improved connection between culture, strategy, and execution
Bridge the gaps between strategy and execution
Increase in revenue through reduction of inefficiencies
Collaborative and action-oriented teams
Learn new skills to improve leadership
It’s True, We Almost Closed

It’s True, We Almost Closed

You may have heard a rumor I was considering closing Stratavize Consulting and the rumor is true. A recent survey found an astounding 79% of American workers are experiencing burnout. According to American Psychological Association, APA’s 2021 Work and Well-being...

Common Mistakes New Leaders Make

Common Mistakes New Leaders Make

Being new to leadership can be hard. We all make mistakes. So it's next expected new leaders will too. However, what are the most common mistakes new leaders make? We've got the list. New leaders might find that their position is a learning process, and we can...

Effective Leadership Engagement

Effective Leadership Engagement

Building Blocks of Successful Leadership Being an effective leader is not easy. There is a lot that goes into being a truly effective leader. It goes far past management and positive results. Employee satisfaction plays a vital role in your ability to lead...

Supply Chain Disruption: More than a shortage of truck drivers

Supply Chain Disruption: More than a shortage of truck drivers

If you are like me, you've heard there's a supply chain disruption because there is a shortage of truck drivers. However, is it more complicated than that? The short answer is yes. What Products Have Increased? I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to buy a GPU for almost...

The Great Resignation, Fact or Fiction?

The Great Resignation, Fact or Fiction?

I’ve finally figured out who is behind ‘The Great Resignation’!  Johnny Paycheck.  Stick with me here. Do you remember Johnny Paycheck’s song Take This Job and Shove it?  To jog your memory here are the beginning lyrics: Take this job and shove itI...

Cognitive Biases in Leadership

Cognitive Biases in Leadership

Almost a year ago, during the height of the pandemic, I wrote multiple blogs about leadership. I even went as far as to define the different styles of leadership. Upon further thought, I have decided it is time to dig deeper into leadership and the effects of...

Helpful Tools and Resources

Not ready to request a consultation? Access resources that can help your organization right now.

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It’s our mission in life to help organizations develop a true strategy.

Top Team Model
Team development that must be present to achieve increasing team performance.
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Depicts the key components needed to truly transform and strengthen an organization.
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What We Do

Stratavize is a global organization development consulting firm dedicated to helping mid-size organizations reimagine and reinvent themselves to outperform their competitors. We specialize in strategy, organization design, process improvement, customer experience, team dynamics, and leadership development.

Lauralee Hites

If there’s one thing we love, it’s talking to clients about their toughest challenges. If you’re ready to co-create solutions and work with an outcome-based consulting firm, book a meeting today.

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