Going on a roadtrip to rural Alaska by yourself sounds like a cool idea but …would you leave your GPS, roadmap and phone at home? Heck no! Most people taking a road trip rely on maps and GPS to navigate unknown territory. When it comes to managing people, we often don’t have a road map with the specifics on how to get from point A to point B. We know managing people and running an organization can feel like a journey of epic proportions. So, we’ve create Roadmaps!

Stratavize Roadmaps help you assess where you are, where you want to go and provides tips and tricks for managing your leadership journey.


Thumb - Business Assessment Toolkit

Business Assessment

The Business Assessment will help you pivot your business in response to disruptive and uncertain times. Download this roadmap and toolkit to get started repositioning your business to succeed this year.

Top Team Model Thumb

Top Team Model

Stratavize’s Top Team Model® illustrates team development as six stages and four key components that must be present to achieve increasing levels of sustained team performance. Stratavize uses this model in our learning labs and consulting work. This model is the foundation to creating a team. 

Assess your team’s performance using the Top Team Model’s Team Assessment.  You will receive your Team Performance Score and a follow-up action plan.

Transformation Ecosystem Thumb

Business Transformation Ecosystem

Stratavize’s Business Transformation Ecosystem illustration depicts the key components need to truly transform and strengthen an organization. The value to the customer is a driving force for change, and the strategy sets the strategic direction of the organization and operation model roadmap for ensuring success. The culture is the current that runs throughout the organization is what support the people. Download this one page ecosystem and evaluate your organization’s ecosystem.

Strategic Visioning Map Thumb

Strategic Visioning Roadmap

Over 80% of strategies fail to be implemented or adopted throughout an organization. It’s our mission in life to help organizations develop a true strategy, a distinctive competitive advantage and activate that strategy like a boss. Check out the roadmap of our process.

Maps and GPS are important, they tell you where you are and will display where you want to go. But, we also know you have build a plan to get there. Road trips are more than just following a map or GPS – you need a plan for the expected and unexpected. Our Playbooks is your planning workbook. It takes you from ideas to planning to action.


Customer Promises Playbook Thumb

Customer Promises Playbook

This is your workbook to increasing customer loyalty, improving customer service and aligning your team on how to deliver a consistent experience. Before you get started, check out our journey from brand values to customer promises.

Wondering how Customer Promises fit into the Customer Experience?  Visit our Client Stories page

Employee Reward & Recognition Thumb

Employee Reward & Recognition Playbook

In this roadmap, we focus on one component of a happy team. It’s simple; everyone wants to feel appreciated. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced work environment, it’s becoming increasingly tough for organizations to maintain consistent and meaningful reward and recognition programs. This your roadmap helps you assess where the organization is and where it wants to go with recognition programs.

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