Lauralee on Richmond Matters Podcast

Richmond Matters Podcast

Chris Hardie with Richmond Matters invited Lauralee to join his very popular podcast. In this 60 minute interview, they covered a lot, including what a strategy consultant actually does, how it works to name the real reasons a business or organization might be stuck even if it’s hard for them to hear it, and what it can look like to finally find “our place” in the world.

ByeBye OC Podcast

Bye Bye OC

People are moving out of big cities by the thousands. People are not just changing where they live but, how they live. Lauralee chats with Shell Pavlis with Bye By OC, a podcast for Californians looking to relocate.  She shares the work of Stratavize client, East Central Indiana Regional Partnership, and their effort to attract talent through the Forge Your Path campaign.  It’s a race for all shrinking communities to attract talent and in this episode we talk about one strategy communities can use. 

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Leadership Simplified Podcast

Leadership Simplified

 Lauralee spoke with Rhonda Delaney, The People Gardener’s, podcast Leadership Simplified. If you are a new manager, supervisor, team leader or simply curious about leadership you’ll find lots of support here. Tips, ideas and actionable steps to help you become an awesome leader. Check out Rhonda’s Podcast and watch Lauralee’s episode later in 2020.

more than a few words podcast

More Than a Few Words

Listen to Lauralee and More Than Words Podcaster and RoundPeg Marketing’s founder Lorraine Ball talk about leading in 2020. More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast, is ten years old and is packed full of great episodes.  In this episode, Lauralee shares the 3 questions we should all be asking ourselves to become a better leader and person.  

Life According to Adeshile

Adetokunbo Adeshile

Before kicking off Business Start Up School in Richmond’s Innovation Center, Lauralee Hites, founder of Stratavize Consulting firm in Richmond talks about some of the challenges all businesses face.

Good Girl Gone Boss

Angie and Matt Howell

Lauralee joins husband and wife team, Matt and Angie Howell of Good Girl Gone Boss and Farmhouse Creative. On this podcast Lauralee talks about how organizations call Stratavize thinking they have a marketing problem but, spoiler alert… it’s not a marketing problem. What’s the root cause problem? Listen to find out. Also, Lauralee shares about her personal life, her favorite place to travel, and her hidden talent.

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