Our Process

When every mind comes  together as one working machine, that’s when the biggest differences are made.

How We Work

icon-worldWhere are You Now

We begin with establishing current state of the organization. We do this by listening to you and your team and analyzing what data exists.

Where Do You Want To Go and Why

We inspire the idea of change within your organization and work with you and your team reimagine the future.

icon-navigationHow Do You Get There

We co-create with you the path forward. In partnership, we design solutions to ensure the problem gets solved and stays solved.

icon-map-pinEnjoying the Journey

We walk along side you and your team, building capacity, to implement meaningful and sustainable change for the organization. ​

How Stratavize is Different

We have created many of our own models and leveraging some of the best models out there to help our clients achieve success.

Our work is based on some of the following core models:

  1. Stratavize’s Top Team Model -This is our methodology for collaborating across functions, departments, and organizations. Our model helps teams advance communication, crack the code to tough problems, gain agreement on key decisions, reduce inter-team conflict to align on priorities and execute.
  2. Stratavize’s Landmark Leaders Model – The leaders of tomorrow must focus on the vital few priorities and execute with precision. We’ve created a framework that enables leaders to choose better by choosing less.
  3. Stratavize’s Business Transformation Ecosystem  – Our model helps us; facilitate change in the organization, implement new strategy, identify areas that need improvement, and create new business models.
  4. The Grove’s Seven Challenges of Change Framework – The Seven Challenges of Change ™ Framework, shows how the basic pattern of change plays out over predictable stages in a longer process. These seven challenges come into play for any project that requires new ways of thinking, real behavior change, and new organizational processes.
Stratavize Business Model

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