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Vision & Strategy Reimagined

Why this work matters: Change is constant. Organizations must stay ahead of the pace of change and adjust their strategy to respond to new technology, market conditions, customer behavior, and opportunities. Stratavize collaborates with leadership teams to develop a clear vision, create a strategy to accomplish it, and leave with a real action plan to engage the entire organization in making it happen. We help to create the spark that ignites the fire of change.

Perfect for clients who often say:
  • “Our organization’s departments are focused on different goals and priorities.”
  • “We all seem to have competing priorities.”
  • “The teams are not aligned with our vision or strategy.”
  • “It feels like we are always planning and not executing.”
  • “There are so many new competitors our market share is decreasing.”
  • “We feel like we know where we want to go but, we have no idea how to get there.”

Strategy Activation

Why this work matters:  This is what we call our plan to go from SPARK to FLAME, or from idea to activation. A small spark can either build a long lasting fire or just fizzle out. Too many organizations let the spark fizzle out and that results in feeling like they are always planning and never executing. To successfully execute a strategy across an organization, leaders need to make intentional threads between the plan and the teams who are responsible for executing against it. Stratavize helps organizations align and activate employees participation and commitment through tailored programs that take them from vague awareness of the strategy to holistically incorporating it into everything they do.

Perfect for clients who often say:
  • “There are too many silos!”
  • “Our key stakeholders are not actively engaged and often set competing priorities.”
  • “We are a small organization and we just don’t have the resources to effectively manage and drive this change throughout the organization.”
  • “We’ve done this many times before, create a big huge strategy slide deck, send it out, talk about it and then ‘real’ every day work takes over and suddenly we have not looked at the strategy in months. Nothing was really done.”
  • “We are struggling to drive employee ownership and create strategy champions at all levels in the organization.”
  • “This project is in the spin cycle and it’s not coming to completion.”

Culture Conversion

Why this work matters:  An organization’s culture can be seen, felt and heard by all, from customers to vendors to the employees. A toxic or change resistant culture can cost an organization millions of dollars. Big changes can be far reaching in an organization, the biggest challenge is often not what’s changing, it’s getting the team to embrace it and drive this change through their own work. To take on real, effective and long-lasting culture transformation, we help clearly assess and bring transparency to the organization’s true culture, where you need to go, and what the obstacles that may hold you back. We work collaboratively to design a go-forward plan to build a dynamic change accepting culture.

Perfect for clients who often say:
  • “There is a lot of turnover.”
  • “We have very unhappy employees.”
  • “I need our employees to embrace these changes faster. And just get onboard with the changes.”
  • “Nothing ever actually changes here. We talk about change but, we just end of going back to status quo.”
  • “Our new employees don’t feel like their opinions are heard or welcomed.”
  • “Our employees say they don’t feel appreciated.”

Process & Experience Redesign

Why this work matters:  Stratavize delivers on adaptive approaches that helps teams work together to help map the current processes and redesign the experience to enhance the customer’s and/or employee’s experience.  We co-create a new experience road map and help you and your team implement these changes throughout the organization.

Perfect for clients who often say:
  • “We are inefficient.”
  • “We have too many manuals processes.”
  • “Our process doesn’t seem to match what the customer needs or wants to experience.”
  • “We think we are duplicating efforts in the customer’s process.”

Capacity & Resource Building

Why this work matters:  The work is changing which requires roles and responsibilities to change with it. We’ve found organizations have not updated their organization’s infrastructure to align to this new work. The way we learn has changed too, we know one-time training or an event is not effective. Traditional “talk to” training doesn’t work either. New learning requires individuals to be part of the learning experience. When it comes to building up a team’s capabilities, redesigning the roles to better align with the work, we help define the most effective resources, tools, and approach to ensure lasting learning.

Perfect for clients who often say:
  • “I am now a manager. I need help becoming a better leader.”
  • “Our employees are not ready for this change.”
  • “We don’t have an onboarding process. A person is on boarded the way their manager onboards them.”
  • “We don’t have enough resources to create the kind of onboarding and learning programs we think would help our employees.”
  • “Our employees are not being held accountable.”
  • “We have a mismatch of skills needed for the new kind of work we are doing.”

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