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Photo Credit: Caitlin Fleenor

Happy New Year! 

Meet the newest member of the Stratavize team.

Stratavize is thrilled to announce Caitlin Fleenor joined the Stratavize Consulting Inc. Team! We asked Caitlin to share a little bit about herself and her hopes for 2021.

We are all collectively holding our breath with the hope that 2021 will be a better year than the year that shall not be named (#iykyk). I can honestly say that I am very excited about what 2021 has in store for me. 

Spoiler alert: I am starting the new year in a new role as an Associate Consultant with Stratavize! I am very excited to be apart of the Stratavize Team.

As part of my onboarding, I am writing this article about myself. I am starting by asking you all for a bit of grace. This is the first blog I have ever written! Most times, I shy away from anything that puts me in the public spotlight, preferring to be a behind-the-scenes Rockstar (this applies to singing so you will not catch me on stage at karaoke night!).

Instead of taking up a lot of space and time to tell you about my professional background. I am pointing you towards my LinkedIn page. This has all my work history and experience. This blog will focus on me as a person.   

What will I share with you? 

To understand me, you first need to understand my personality. According to Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment*, my top two themes are Achiever and Responsibility.  I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment and can feel them present in all aspects of my life. Boiled down to their simplest form, they are the ever-present need to feel I have accomplished something and the duty to follow through on my commitments. 

These traits have served me well in my career. It is what helped me get through the many months of quarantine with my sanity intact. All that time spent at home opened my eyes to the projects that we could tackle. My husband and I rolled up our sleeves and went deep into the DIY rabbit hole. Which we found to be an enjoyable new hobby. However, despite the copious return trips to Menards, sore muscles, and learning from our mistakes we loved every minute.  We now own many more tools and have a list of building projects that continues to grow as we gain confidence in our abilities. 

Fun Facts About Me:

  1. First, I adore snow. For instance, I often challenge Mother Nature to do her worst.
  2. I am an avid Harry Potter fan and I believe they are holiday movies. You won’t convince me otherwise. 
  3. I enjoy a little healthy debate. Often times I will take on the role of devil’s advocate for the simple pleasure of friendly sparring.
  4. Who can say no to a Netflix binge? Definitely not me.
  5. I am a die-hard Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise fan. 
  6.  I am also an omnivert, neither an introvert nor an extrovert.   

Most importantly, I care deeply about my friends, family, and those I surround myself with. The choices I make,  the commitments I take on, the things I invest my time in, how I am perceived and received by others, and my impact on the world around me mean a lot to me.  The instinct to care deeply is one thing I will bring to my work with every client and project.  I assure you that I will care about the challenges and opportunities you are facing, the partnership we build, and the outcomes we achieve together. 

Enjoy a photo gallery of all my recent adventures:

I am beyond excited for this next chapter in my professional life and to be part of an organization that believes in integrity and intentional partnership and communication.  Let’s make 2021 a year to remember…for good reasons! 

*If you aren’t familiar with the CliftonStrengths assessment, I strongly recommend it as a tool for personal discovery and self-awareness and an instrument for getting to know the people around you and how you might work more effectively together. (Note: this is not sponsored content) 

I’m looking forward to serving our current clients and future clients as a part of the Stratavize team.

Lets connect! Follow me on LinkedIn today.

About the Author

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Caitlin has built a career in process and project management and relationship building across various industries and organizations.  After graduating from Ashland University with a degree in Psychology, Caitlin pursued a career in human resources and recruiting. She played an instrumental role in rapidly growing the workforce for a light industrial manufacturing facility in rural Ohio. From there, she moved into a corporate recruiting position for a mid-sized bank in Oklahoma. She was developing recruiting and retention strategies for the bank and its holdings and data processing companies.   

After that, Caitlin transitioned her skills to the higher education industry. As a recruiter and leader in a junior college admissions department, she redesigned admissions processes and procedures to be more student-focused. After moving into career education at a traditional liberal arts college, Caitlin worked on large-scale initiatives. Such as administering a $1 million grant designed to retain talent in the local region. As well as the development and implementation of a multi-million dollar vocational discernment program. 

Caitlin is now working as an Associate Consultant with Stratavize Consulting, bringing her wide-ranging experience and knowledge to support clients as they work together towards a brighter future. 

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