Stratavize is excited to introduce you to a member of the Stratavize Team! Rebekah Corwin is the Marketing and Communications Specialist.

Rebekah Corwin
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As a communication and marketing specialist for the Stratavize team but a writer by trade, writing blogs for my clients is so much easier than writing about myself. I have become so good at putting my client’s ideas together that I can get rusty at communicating my own.

So, because I am introducing myself and telling a little more about my life, I thought it would be good to write this blog similar to one of the “about me” papers I wrote in high school.   

Come along with me for a look into the life of a fresh college graduate during one of the most unprecedented decades and how I came to be a part of the Stratavize team. As an elder member of Gen Z, or some may call me a Zillienial, I have a unique world perspective. I grew up discovering the outdoors and playing with my three younger brothers. In contrast, I remember my parent getting their first cellphones and no longer needing the use of a landline. I spent many afternoons after school playing Webkinz (if you don’t know what these are, you missed out) on the family desktop.   

I grew up creative and interested in technology, an excellent combination for a digital storyteller, don’t you think? My middle and high school years were primarily unremarkable unless you consider being a four-year varsity track member thrilling. College is where my journey began. 

Man, I Love College 

Like many other things in my life, I drove into the college experience with enthusiasm. I wanted to experience college fully, which makes the decision to go to a small private college in the Midwest an interesting choice. Anderson University has a lovely campus and has some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Luckily for me, they also have some of the most dedicated professors. These professors guided me through my entire undergrad education and are why I graduated with not just one but two degrees.   

During my time at AU, I was involved in collegiate track and field, PRSSA and a social club. Along with a heavy course load, I was constantly busy and loving life. I also did four different internships, and I was a finalist for the Orr Fellowship. These internships allowed me to learn about communications in many forms, including agency, nonprofit and corporate. I appreciated each of my mentors and fellow interns because they helped me learn and develop my love for marketing and communications.   

Internships Turn Into Careers 

I know what you are thinking obviously, internships lead to jobs for students, but I could not have had better opportunities. In March of 2020, it was the beginning of the pandemic. I was sent home from school, and I was continuing my current internship remotely. All hopes of getting a summer internship were fading, my emails were going unanswered, and the world was shutting down. But you remember those super dedicated professors I was talking about? Well, one of them was able to get me into contact with Lauralee Hites; you might recognize her as the Owner of Stratavize.

Long story short, I spent that summer working on the Stratavize Consultings communications campaign and learning more about blogs, SEO and social media, click here to read more of my blogs. As the summer turned into fall, Lauralee welcomed me back onto the Stratavize team as the Communication and Marketing Specialist. In December of 2020, I was managing two marketing contracts and facilitating the design of a website. This was all during the last semester of my senior year.  I was able to get so much experience in those couple of months. I am happy to say that I have grown a lot during these past couple of months. As we are coming up on a year of my employment with Stratavize Consulting, I have grown as a person and young professional. Not only has my writing improve, but so have my facilitation skills.   

More Detail About Me 

Aside from career and education-orientated things, I lead a full life outside of my work. I belong to a large and rowdy family, and I have no less than 20 first cousins. I am the oldest of four children; all of my siblings happen to be boys (yes, I grew up a tomboy).   

I love to be active and enjoy walking my dogs (Reagan and Foxie are their names) in the evenings, and recently I have become a self-proclaimed gym rat. During the summers, I garden, and in the winter, I knit. I think it is important to find hobbies you enjoy while you are young. While I am gardening or knitting, I will most likely be listening to a true-crime podcast. I would highly recommend Morbid; the hosts love all things spooky and do in-depth research on all kinds of true crime cases.  

I also love personality tests and zodiac signs. This probably comes from my love of psychology and everything that has to do with the human psyche. So, if you are interested, here are some of my personality test results/zodiac placements.   

  • Zodiac Sign: Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius and Rising in Libra  
  • Enneagram 9w8  
  • Myers-Briggs: ENFP  
  • CliftonStrengths: Significance/Futuristic/Relator/Focus/Arrange 

I look forward to serving more clients as part of the Stratavize team.

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About The Author

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Rebekah Corwin is a 2021 graduate from Anderson University with degrees in Public Relations and Psychology.

Rebekah is currently responsible for Marketing and Communications at Statavize Consulting.

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