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Great strides have been made with determining our big picture goals as wells as implementing strategies to reach those goals since we embarked on this community initiative. These strides are largely due to the direction and meeting facilitation led by Lauralee. She has an innate ability when it comes to planning meeting strategies and executing those strategies in order to keep the conversations on task and productive. Her follow up is clear and concise keeping participants engaged and accountable for decisions that are made along the way.
Valerie Shaffer

Executive Committee, Forward Wayne County

We hired Stratavize to lead us through a rebranding of the Bank. Lauralee and her team came in and hit the ground running. They integrated with the entire staff quickly. Meetings were fast-paced, focused and remarkably productive. Timelines were established and met. Follow up and follow through was outstanding. I would hire them again!
Mark Soukup

Past CEO, Wayne Bank & Trust

Lauralee’s facilitation was crucial to bringing the HYPE-Richmond new member orientation together. When a Board grows from 5 members to almost 30, there needs to be a plan in place and Lauralee had just the skills to do so. She was able to provide the tools, conversation starters and self-reflection that allowed our team to brainstorm and collaborate effectively. Lauralee understood what it meant to work with a group of young professionals, after-hours, during the week. Walking into the facilitation room, we were instantly met with visuals that triggered thought-provoking ideas but managed to keep all of us track and moving towards a centralized goal. At the end of a two hour retreat we had established quick wins for 2019, a communication plan, and had broken into our smaller committees to get the train moving in the right direction. It was a productive and exciting evening for HYPE-Richmond! Our group looks forward to utilizing Lauralee and all of her wonderful skills in the near future!
Roxie Deer

President, Hype Richmond

Undoubtedly, her skills would benefit you and your efforts, too.
I was especially impressed by Lauralee’s understanding of complex problems … and her ability to design straightforward, practical solutions. Moreover, she distinguished herself by her ability to carry through on their execution with as much attention to the details as she applied to the ‘big picture.’ She is an exceptional strategic thinker, communicator, and motivator with seemly boundless energy.
Steve Borchers

Previous Executive Director, Wayne County Foundation

Delivering On Our Client Promises

You and your organization are at the heart of everything we do. We are an outcome based consulting firm that prioritizes our clients’ needs. These promises are our North Star when working with clients.

Sure, we could have brand values or brand promises but, we wanted our commitment to be to our clients not just our brand. We use these promises to not only ensure you receive a great experience but, to also ask ourselves the tough questions and hold ourselves accountable to the promises we make to you.

Stratavize’s Client Promises


You, your team and your organization matter to us. We are committed to always doing what is in the best interest of our clients.


We believe there is power in doing things with intention. Everything we do is done with intention and purpose.


Relationships thrive with strong collaboration. We believe in co-creation and will never provide recommendations or ideas in a silo.


You will always have transparent and timely communication from our team. You will never feel like you’re left in the dark.


You have big challenges and goals to achieve – we get that. Our work will aim to build hope and inspire action within your team.

Solution Oriented

We are solution-oriented and people-centered. We walk with you and your team through a process to ensure your toughest problems get solved and stay solved.

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