Today's Tuesday Tip: Progress Over Perfection
Today’s Tuesday Tip

I was on take 27 of a video about how leaders can respond to our current situation when I realized I was in the perfection loop. I was trying to make the ‘perfect’ video so I would not look ‘stupid’ online. That’s ridiculous. The information I was sharing is time-sensitive. I was creating the video because I care. I have several other video ideas but, looking for perfection had stopped all progress!

In the technology world, they often refer to MVP or minimum viable product. This concept truly focuses on progress over perfection. However, as leaders, we often feel like we have to be perfect.

The pursuit of perfection, too often, leads to a lack of execution. Celebrate small wins. Take your project and break it down into small wins. Track and celebrate those small wins.

For instance, with my videos, instead of filming the same piece over and over again looking for perfection I made a list of 3 key points I wanted to make. Once, I heard those 3 key points the video was done.

Focus on progress over perfection. You can learn more about exiting the perfection loop in this old blog article.

Tell me about a time you were stuck in the perfection loop!

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